clipper race premium

Hyde Clipper Race Premium sails are the result of over 80,000 miles of product testing and development through the demanding relationship with the Clipper RTWR . Development is always on-going as Hyde Sails continue to power the Clipper RTWR fleet of yachts.

A Hyde Clipper Race Premium sail is designed to be the best sail that you can buy with a proven pedigree. It is built using the best quality cloth and Hardware to produce a sail that will get you across the world and back again!

Every Clipper Race Premium sail is treated as a Project from sales through to Manufacture, our Distributors will spend time with you talking through your requirements, looking at the boat and then discussing the Cloth and various hardware options that are available to make your sailing as pleasurable as possible. In the end these sails will be your Boats engine for many miles to come.