• 3 Camber stripes
  • Sail numbers
  • Leech telltales at every batten
  • Alloy headboard
  • Boltrope or luff slides
  • Shelf foot - either loose or with a boltrope
  • Clewslider or webbing boom loop with velco fastening
  • Stainless steel pressed rings with webbing strainers
  • Floppy reef rings at luff
  • Low stretch leech line with alloy cleat-overhead option available
  • Tapered fibre glass battens
  • Adjustable batten tension
  • 3 Step zig zag stitching or glued seams
  • Cunningham eyelet and leech flattener
  • Spreader chafe patches supplied loose for retro fitting by owner
  • Full length deck bag to enable sail to be stowed without folding
  • Full length battens (optional)


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