• Cloths Traditional Dracon in Tan Bark or Cream
  • Leather Clew Patches
  • All Stainless steel crushed rings
  • Radial corner patching combining 2 and 3 step stitching
  • Reinforcement where necessary
  • Polyester low stretch leech lines
  • Plastic cleats for leech line at clew and reef positions
  • 2 reefing points as standard
  • Sailbag to suit
  • Sailbattens
  • Lacing lines for luff and Gaff
  • Insignia included
  • Sail numbers


Genoa and Staysail bags are available for the ease of storage and with our custom designs and acrylic fabrics in a multitude of colour options, the bags allow for easy storage of the sails when they are not being used.



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