Mirror Mainsail 2D


Mainsail design to be used with the Bermuda rig.

The new design for 2021 has an increased twist profile with a view to making the sail work better across the wind range. Due to the class rules, the Mirror masts are relatively stiff to prevent over bending in the base section where there is no lower mast support. This means the masts are very straight in light winds and it is very easy to close the leech, we have worked to create a design that does not stall too easily in very light conditions but is still responsive to kicker to straighten the leech in middle wind strengths. The cross cut design is very responsive to cunningham for depowering when required.

Our mainsail design is suitable for both the Selden 2420 and Superspar M9 sections.

The sail comes complete with numbers, battens and a sail bag.

In house certification included

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