Squib Jib 422


Hyde Sais Squib Mainsail now come with black camber strips and extra visibility window as standard. Please select sail number and mast section when ordering.

HYDE SAILS Squib sails are a result of a vigorous two boat tuning regime. With numerous delevelopments being taken into account to keep up with the modern ways in which the boat is now sailed. Please access our Squib tuning guide for the latest go-fast settings.

INCLUDES: Sail bag, Sail Numbers, Measurement and VAT


Shackle tape to jib tack position at bow, tie a pen/pencil at 2m 52cm and scribe a line on the cuddy. Then take another tape and measure 34cm from the centreline (hold tape to match curve of cuddy), where lines intersect is the centre position of your barber hauler exit. The reason for doing this is because jib tack positions vary on each boat. There was a 3cm difference between the 105 and 881, 

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