Squib Spinnaker 2E

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HYDE SAILS Squib sails are a result of a vigorous two boat tuning regime. With numerous delevelopments being taken into account to keep up with the modern ways in which the boat is now sailed.

Having re-designed the sails more for the improved new stable cloth and also making the sails much more user friendly (you can find the new barber hauler position and tuning guide below).

As for results in 2018; at the classes most recent national champoinship, with 100 boats, Hyde Sails were used on the winning boat and 17 out of the top 20!

With other Hyde sails users winning the following events.

  • Irish nationals
  • WOBYC regatta
  • Gold cup
  • East Coasts
  • South Coasts
  • *2nd Inlands

Hyde sails maintain it's values and do not have or make 'special' sails for specific sailors so one can trust the perfromace of their sails out the box, which ofcourse come measured from our state of the art IHC loft. With sails avaliable within 3 weeks from order - why not choose Hyde Sails!


Fair winds.


Shackle tape to jib tack position at bow, tie a pen/pencil at 2m 52cm and scribe a line on the cuddy. Then take another tape and measure 34cm from the centreline (hold tape to match curve of cuddy), where lines intersect is the centre position of your barber hauler exit. The reason for doing this is because jib tack positions vary on each boat. There was a 3cm difference between the 105 and 881, maybe this is the myth behind old boats being quicker?

Horizontal cut 2E

This sail was first used at the Squib Nationals in 2010 and is particularly fast dead running and projects the maximum area possible. Both the Hyde Squib spinnakers are made in Dynakote rip-stop nylon and available in a full range of colours.

Vertical Cut 7 panel

This has been the standard Squib spinnaker. The broad shoulders are the result of the increased shaping in the leech panels. Very effective on Championship triangle courses.

All our spinnaker are made out of Dynakote .75 for colours please check http://contendersailcloth.com/spinnaker/colourrange.html

If you want a custom design or colour way, please get in contact.

INCLUDES: Sail bag, Measurement and VAT

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