international moth bladerider


Key changes in the flying shape include increasing depth and sleeve rotation in the lower half whilst doing the opposite in the upper half to allow the sail to wash out cleanly in the head. This set up allows more vang use off wind without stalling the upper sail.
The sail now feels more powerful downwind and is easier to depower upwind.
The upper third can be now completely washed out with aggressive cunningham use. This lowers the C of E and gives more righting moment in effect.
Outline shape has been modified to maximise luff and leech length - also following our competitors by lowering the effective luff under the lower band with aggressive “foot round". This increase in luff  - and leech by extending the leech upwards, leads to a narrower sail with longer leading and trailing edges.

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Update from Hyde Sails M.D. Nigel Grogan Update from Hyde Sails M.D. Nigel Grogan

We are operating at limited capacity in unprecedented circumstances with health as the paramount consideration. i would like to apologise to all our customers for the disruption and inconvenience that has been and will be, inevitable for now and the near future.


With a new sail delivered its nice to hear that it could be used.

A look at a season in an 18FT SKIFF. A look at a season in an 18FT SKIFF.

6,500 kilometers, 12 countries, 3 encounters with the police and a good haul of Silver. No, this is not how to commit a daring robbery - this is what it takes to win the 18ft skiff European Tour.