• Thread: Tenara
  • Tapes: Hydranet
  • Batten pockets: hydranet/webbing chafe/tie in leech
  • Clew hardware: Webbed ring using dyneema webbing + leather cover
  • Leech reef hardware: Webbed rutgerson on blocks
  • Head hardware: Rutgerson headboard with dyneema strapping
  • Luff reef blocks: Hanging rutgerson blocks with spectra soft strapping
  • Cunningham: Pressed eye with spectra strapping
  • Tack hardware: Webbed ring using spectra webbing + leather cover
  • Batten Type: Tapered or Contract for full length batten sails
  • Batten receptacle: (full batten sails) ?
  • Leach line set up: up and over as standard with rutgerson blocks
  • Leech cleats: Metal clam cleat
  • Foot cleats: Metal clam cleat





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