Hyde’s international relationship with sailing schools and trade companies providing stock into the marine industry goes back a long way. We have been key to producing stock for some of the best names in the business. Hydes Business Development Manager Mark Corbett mentions “It’s very hard to walk around a marina and see a sail that has not been produced or designed by Hyde Sails”

“The flipside of Hyde’s operations in the ability to produce other products in our tailor made facility in the Philippines. Our relationships with some of the largest yacht builders in the world give us a competitive edge in the industry and we have years of solid products being tested all over the world the speaks for our product.”

We are always looking to expand on the contract and ability to provide sails in an ever evolving marine industry. New exciting craft that are emerging are at the forefront of our evolution and may well be a large market in the future that we are fully able to supply. Alongside a number of large sailing schools around the world Hyde sails are also responsible for producing a large amount of sails that are used for third party companies and take pride in the craftsmanship of our sails and their ability to perform.

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