• Tri-radial panel layout
  • Radial patches
  • Webbed on stainless ring at each corner
  • Head, tack and clew identification labels
  • Sail number ( if required)
  • Anti-Twist luff rope included (8mm or 11mm ) – (larger Diameter Anti Twist luff rope additional charges apply )
  • Special Thimbles for the head and tack not supplied unless requested (additional charge applies)
  • Sailbag
  • This does not include the furler but speak to your local Hyde Contact on Furler supply


We design our IRC Code Zeros to be the must have sail in your inventory. It covers the widest wind range through the greatest wind angles of all your sails. It is ideal for Racing both inshore and offshore fully crewed or shorthanded, combined with an Anti-torsion cable and furler it is also extremely easy to handle. It is designed under the spinnaker rule so it does not effect your IRC rating and will change your sailing inventory both upwind, typically adding 10-20% boat speed increase whilst offering downwind performance benefits such as a wider wind range.


If you're sailing hard on the wind, there's little to choose in performance between a headsail with a longer foot or a short-footed jib designed for self-tacking and ease of handling. However, as soon as you ease sheets, the longer foot brings much more performance. That's where the code zero comes in as an incredibly useful sail. If you only have a short-footed jib, or if you can't hoist a genoa because of the position of the shrouds, then you have a real gap between true wind 55 to 120 degrees.

TWA - 55 - 120 DEGREES
TWS - 5 - 12 KNOTS

MPK Code Zero Laminate or Fibermax Spinnaker nylon options

All Racing spinnakers will be delivered with a launch bag complete with clips for attachment to the lee rail.
Touring gennekers and cruising chutes will be supplied with a draw string bag, launch bags can be supplied as an optional extra at an additional cost.

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