Hyde Sails Limited reserve the right to change these specifications in line with our policy of continuous improvement.


The voyager cruise mainsail is cross cut from high quality, closely woven dacron. the sail is finished to a high specification to ensure a long useful life.

  • Sail numbers
  • 2 Camber stripes
  • Leech tell tales
  • Alloy headboard
  • Luff slides
  • Loose or bolt rope foot
  • Stainless pressed rings with webbing strainers
  • Floppy reef rings at luff
  • Low stretch leech line
  • Webbing or leather around all chafe points
  • Tapered fibre glass battens
  • Adjustable batten tension
  • 3 Step zig zag stitching on seams
  • Alloy leechline cleats
  • Reinforced patched corners and slide patches
  • Cunningham and flattener if required
  • Full length battens (optional)


HEAD - radial patch and alloy headboard with pressure slide to absorb leech loads.

LUFF REEF - radial patch, stainless steel pressed ring with webbing strainers, floppy stainless reef ring.

LEECH REEF - radial patch, stainless pressed ring with webbing strainers and alloy leech line cleat.

CLEW - radial patch, stainless pressed clew ring and flattener both with webbing strainers and leech line termination with alloy cleat.

TACK - radial patch, Cunningham eye and reinforcement for first luff slide.


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