2nd Overall for Roger Gilbert & Ben McGrane


With what was originally scheduled to be the class Europeans having to be reduced to the Open UK Championships as a result of competitors not being able to travel to the venue, a shortened format 4 day event was planned for the teams in attendance.

Light winds was the theme of the regatta, no racing for the first 2 days, 4 races on day 3 and a single race decider on the last day. Current European Champions Roger Gilbert & Ben McGrane would eventually finish the event 2nd overall, a single point short of the winning team of Tom Gillard & Geoff Edwards. It was these 2 teams on equal points entering the final day that crossed the line a boat length apart in the deciding 5th race.

Ben was quick to praise the latest Hyde designs, 'ultimately this was a really tricky regatta with races all held at the lighter end of the wind range, conditions Roger and I haven't historically excelled in since joining the class in 2018. We managed to get a couple of days tuning in the run up to the event with the latest sails from the Hyde loft and quite quickly we have started to find the numbers and gain consistent speed. Certainly a positive result looking ahead as I'm sure with more time using the sails we will continue to find more speed'.

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