Pink Gin’, a Hyde Sails powered Projection 762, had been based in Port Edgar, Scotland, home of the Scottish Hyde Sails distributer (Sail Doctor) for a number of years . Despite its modest size and fragile appearance the Projection is a giant-killer of a small yacht, regularly beating much larger boats both up and downwind. When sold to German sailor, Lutz, to race against another seven identical boats based on a huge lake at Robel in east Germany, he asked Hyde Sails to supply replacement sails. Hyde have been heavily involved in developing sails for this underrated boat and his club in Germany have sensibly made the local class one-design, so with years of experience with the P762 we knew exactly what would work for him within their one-design constraints.

projection 762 2 pink gin 


‘I’m very happy with the sails, thank you very much!’ - Lutz