Our Hyde Sails Cebu team have been busy getting out on the water. As part of ongoing staff initiatives, we encourage all staff members to take time to enjoy sailing boats as much as they enjoy making sails! Hyde Sails sponsored the first event in this boats history with 18 boats, most of which had sails donated by Hydes as part of our involvement in the Family Boatbuilding Projects that the Taal Lake sailors organise around the country.

With 3 boats currently in the Hyde Sails fleet, we also plan to increase this to 5 due to high demand from our staff.

A key factor of these boats is the ability to double up as a craft to be used in adverse circumstances such as flooding during a typhoon. The designer, Aussie Mik Storer, designed the boat to be built at home from locally sourced materials. This makes the boat ideal for anyone on a small budget and with over 7,000 islands to explore, more adventures can be made!

Hyde Sails Cebu already have a 2018 staff sailing program organised around the Oz Goose with training and race weekends for those keen to learn and progress. With some of the team dedicating their spare time to maintenance and upkeep of the boats.

Below is a report from Hyde Sails Cebu Sales Coordinator Lorelie Casilan at the fleets first Nationals and drone footage of the regatta.


18-19th November 2017, Talisay Batangas

Hyde Sails Cebu were fortunate to be able to sponsor the first Philippine Oz Goose Nationals 2017 that was held in picturesque Taal Lake in Talisay Batangas. This is the fastest growing sailing fleet in the country, with around 30 boats built to date, mostly home builds on a small budget.

oz goose nationals 2017

This event was successfully put together by Mr. Peter Capotosto, Mr. Michael Storer and Mr. Roy Espiritu. There were 18 boats with 2 crew in each boat. 

oz goose nationals 2017 1

The representatives of Hyde Sails Cebu were Elorde Tampus (skipper), Lorelie Casilan (crew) Marlon Amistad (skipper) and Elmer Verdida (crew). Elorde and I (Lorelie) finished all the 8 races but Marlon and Elmer missed 3 races on the Sunday with a broken mast but still managed to get back out on the water for the last 2 races with a borrowed mast.

oz goose nationals 2017 2

Photo: Marlon Amistad (skipper) & Elmer Verdida (crew)

oz goose nationals 2017 3

 Photo: Elorde Tampus (skipper) & Lorelie Casilan (crew)

The event was held over two days.
On the first day, we were hoping for more wind than we actually got, therefore only managed 2 out of the 4 scheduled races on day 1. oz goose nationals 2017 4

oz goose nationals 2017 5

oz goose nationals 2017 6

Day 2 brought with it 15 to 18 knot winds.  And with 6 races the full schedule was completed.

oz goose nationals 2017 7

Congratulation to all the winners, 1st place - Mr. Peter Capotosto sailing with Angelique Tauzon, 2nd place - Mr. Michael Storer sailing with Nelmalyn Crausos and  3rd place – Mr. Job Ferranco sailing with Mikee Vinzon. 

The 2 teams from Hyde finished in 9th (Elorde and Lorelie) and 11th (Marlon and Elmer) overall, which we were very happy with for our first ever competitive sailing. We will be back again next year and hopefully further up the fleet.

We would like to thank Michael Storer, Peter Capotosto and Roy Espiritu for organizing the event on behalf of Hyde Sails, and to Martin Newman for our last minute racing rules training.