Tiger Trophy, Rutland Water 3,4 Feb.

Ian Dobson and Richard Wagstaff win the Tiger Trophy in style in their Weathermark Fireball powered by Hyde Sails.

In the 120 boat fleet they dominated both the other Fireballs and the rest of the fast boats.

The John Merricks Tiger Trophy has a long history before it became part of the Sail Juice winter series. Originally a 420 and 470 event it became open in 1998 after Johns death and has raised money for young sailors who like John were unable to afford boats and equipment. John was able to start sailing competitively with the support of Everard Brewery – the makers of Tiger beer and went on to win numerous championships including a silver medal at the Olympics.

Hyde sails own Dave Hall has competed in every Tiger since it became an open and this year finished credible 7thand first oldie!

Photo credit Tim Olin

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