Beneteau First Class 8 "special" Owned by Paul & Rory Fekkes

  • Sails
  • Carbon Sport Mainsail
  • Carbon Sport Lite-skin No1
  • Carbon Sport No3
  • Masthead Kite Airex 900
  • Fractional Kite Airex 900

All Hyde over winter.

Lough Fyne was its usual tricky self on day one leaving many including ourselves feeling suicidal with few or no breaks.
Saturday morning was much the same. However things turned around with races two and three that day. Sailing well including being caught out on the masthead kite when we should have never had it up. Best luck of the series was not losing the rig backstay will be changed to dynema in the future.
Sunday was a great day including a coastal race with a thirteen mile beat. Ten of which were on one tack to Inch island. Our downwing performance with the fractional kite winning this race by 17 seconds.
Monday provided stable breeze allowing for good safe starts. Taking the lead on the water and sailing the percentages with the fleet in our pocket. Slightly disappointed with our scores but i have to mention that in the critical last race 27 second separated the top five finishers.
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