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A good day for the middle of March in the Solent, perfect 12-14 knots in a nice stable SE let us spend a bit more time looking at optimising the setting and with the latest sail and also a chance for Ben to get a bit more time looking at the sail from outside the boat.


We've pretty much settled on no chock now when using the upright rake setting (5940mm) which is only really a setting for up to around 8 knots of wind. It becomes fairly evident when the boat is over pressed and pretty much as soon as you are hiking dropping back half a hole (5925mm) looked to credit a much easier boat that wanted to step forward instead of tripping. Set at 5925mm rake worked best combined with the 5mm chock and what I found most interesting beyond this was how powerful the kicker is at adjusting the leech profile.

Increasing kicker bends the mast and flattens the sail but also increases the leech tension which in turn increases the sailor input required. Easing the kicker so the double block moved 30mm from Richie maximum gave a more twisted setup and the upper leech of the main was then able to respond as the boat sailed through the chop. Definitely potential that as a tool this can be used for high and fast modes.

kicker comparison mar 22

With the season upon us we are getting excited to get racing again, V7L sails are in transit from the loft to fulfil current orders and also stock for the start of the season.

If you would like any additional information please contact Richard or Ben, details on the solo page of our website.